Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer is Here!

Hello, my dearios! Why haven’t I been posting more frequently? Well, summer finally hit the bay area and it’s getting hot in here. Too hot to sit in my home office without air conditioning and definitely too hot to sit with a heat emitting notebook on my lap! I wish I could be one of those little girls in that picture, running through a sprinkler. I think it’s frowned upon for adults – unless you are holding the hand of a little kid.

I can’t tell if it is hotter than normal for the bay area or if it just feels like that because of our extended winter this year. Here are a few things I have been up to as I get used to the heat:

I took advantage of California’s berry bounty and made these beauties when it cooled down at night

I am grilling on my patio – I make these guys for guests when we barbeque

Watched movies in the dark and learned a lot about Anna Wintour and one of my favorite magazines

Getting ready for one of the biggest electronic entertainment tradeshows – it will be loud, noisy and kind of exciting

Eating watermelon – it may not be the most healthy fruit but is anything better when the weather is hot?

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