Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghosts of Footwear Past - Part Deux

Last week I talked about the return of the desert boot. This week I was cruising some fashiony type blogs I like and I notice that boat shoes are coming back in style?! Stop the presses! The boat shoe might be making a comeback? I do have a colleague who never stopped wearing them but he is a 50 plus man who may very well hang out on a boat.

If you are this company  you are probably thrilled with the potential return of this fad. Although I have to say, I wouldn’t mind this little sneaker they have. But beware; these guys are also still selling the infamous duck boot! (Okay, maybe it makes sense in cold, wet climates.)

It’s weird. These two types of footwear, which apparently are unisex apparel, may have played too big a role in my wardrobe in the eighties. If I go back to wearing them I might start putting bows in my hair and playing Madonna 24/7 and I am not talking the new stuff ladies – I mean Borderline!.

But personally I don’t trust the footwear that requires two words to describe it – boat shoe, desert boot, cement overshoe…etc. Ballerina flats might be my one exception.

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