Friday, May 21, 2010

Wardrobe Maintenance

Let’s talk about wardrobe maintenance. It’s true; I have too many purses, way too much clothing and enough footwear to outfit a small army of size 8’s. With this ownership comes the responsibility of maintenance and care. And let’s face it – when I am facing maintaining and caring I have to call in resources!

I can manage a button or a quick shoe shine but in general I like to trust the pros. Here are some relationships I nurture carefully.

A great tailor. My pants are always too long, dresses never fit off the rack and occasionally I need a repair. In fact my tailor even did some reweaving to repair some moth holes in my favorite pink cashmere cardigan. The thirty bucks I spent on repair was well worth it.

Cobbler. I know it’s an old fashioned word but he can put new tips on your heels, replace insoles and basically extend the life of your favorite shoe. Is your favorite purse looking a little weary? Take it to your cobbler and ask him to condition the leather – you will be amazed at how good it can look.

Dry cleaner. I have a lot of business clothes that I wear over and over again. A good dry cleaner extends the life of your business clothes and you will always look sharp. And for men especially – no home press job on a dress shirt can ever look as good as a pro job.

Now, here are my final notes on wardrobe maintenance. If it looks worn, faded, or is torn or stained – my advice is PURGE. Doesn’t fit or you are tired of wearing it? PURGE. Be generous and donate. Somebody may be able to benefit from your donation.

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