Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Somewhat Shallow But Not All Bad!

You know there is something wrong when you spend $68 on shampoo and conditioner.  Okay, to be fair it was shampoo, conditioner and styling cream.  Also, in my defense, I only buy shampoo about four times a year.  I am very stingy with my products, eeking  every last molecule out of the bottle – taking scissors to cut it apart so I can get the dredges out of the bottom. 

I get one haircut a year strictly to deal with split ends and I dye it myself to hide the grey.  About four years ago I realized that I was spending more on hair maintenance than I was on either charitable contributions or car insurance.  Cut and colour every six to eight weeks was costing me at least $1000 a year!  And that was before product!  So I took action and left the salon behind.

Here is the breakdown on how I wear my hair outside my home:
  • 85% of the time my long tresses are piled up in a messy bun
  • 10% of the time it’s in a ponytail
  • 5% of the time I cut loose, let the vixen out and wear it down

Like all women there are things I critique about myself and like most women I try to keep those things in check.  But, the lord blessed me with silky soft hair.  And, for those of you with those cute, chic bobs and pixies?  Sometimes I envy your cute, styling ways but I will never give it up because men love it.  It’s sad but it’s true.

Being a classic libra I am trying to balance out some of my vanities and shallow tendancies with good deeds.  And this year I will be participating in the Bay Area Walk Now For Autism Speaks.  If you might like to support me please visit my fundraising page

If you know me personally you probably understand why this cause matters to me perhaps even more than my hair.  If you don't I am sure you know someone who has been affected by Autism.    There is not much more to say.

I am happy that I am halfway to my fundraising goal of $1000 dollars and I feel sure I will get there.  I am also pleased to say I will never spend that much on my hair again - in a salon anyway.

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