Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pajama Day!

It’s pajama day. I am working at home today and I am very happy to be lounging in PJs with my laptop as I plow through my regular mountain of emails. It’s also been pouring rain here for three straight days, complete with thunder and lightning – a rare occurrence in the bay area. It’s the kind of cold, dreary day where you just want to hang out in flannel and wooly slippers.  You  may recognize my holiday pj pants above.  I know, it's January 20th but they are so darn comfy!

Things you do on pajama day besides wear pajamas:

  • Sleep in because you don’t need to include your commute time in your schedule
  • Drink coffee/tea made exactly the way you like it and not out of some generic work machine
  • Listen to music while you work
  • No glasses – no contacts – no makeup
  • Take 15 minutes to sneak in a personal blog post!

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