Thursday, January 21, 2010


I grew up five minutes’ walk from a couple of drugstores. As soon as I started earning my own pocket money, a lifelong addiction started. I can’t resist the shampoo, lip-gloss, barrettes, and now my resistance is weakened ever further since most drug stores offer travel sizes!

I have tried to curb my drugstore habit by using one that has a drive through pharmacy. This way if I really need to go to the drugstore I can avoid temptation. Anyway, yesterday I actually needed to go inside the drugstore because my mom needed a heating pad. So I ended up buying the heating pad – but also the Neutrogena wipes above.These are great - no stinging - and very affordable. I am using these for a quick swipe at night on my non-makeup days – just to grab any dirt and oil. I discovered them while I was in Canada for the holidays. (Speaking of which – I really do miss Shoppers’ Drug Mart – it’s so much nicer than American drug stores.)

Anyway, here is the list of items I “needed” that racked up my bill up to $62.82:

  • Heating pad for mom
  • Pink slippers for mom
  • Neutrogena makeup removal wipes
  • Travel size packets of Aleve pain reliever to leave in the car
  • Two container, shrink wrap package of Clorox wipes
  • Pump jar of Purell hand sanitizer
  • Value pack of bobby pins and hair elastics
  • Donation to Haiti relief
Darn my mother!

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