Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Just A Girl in the World

Woohoo – my friend Paige asked me to guest post for her blog Just a Woman and I was so honoured. Paige and I called each other “sisterfriend” cuz that is just what we are – two Newfoundland girls who have crazy love affairs with Montreal.   If you want to know what I posted about, you will just have to head over there to read it for yourself!

In all seriousness it was a privilege to be asked to provide a post. I am lucky because I have a small sprinkling of friends across North America who I know can be called upon in times of crisis, emotional turmoil or if a really bad haircut should occur. Luckily for me the Paiger is the Montreal branch.

Cheers dearios – and check out Paige, if you please!

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