Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyday Brings Me Good Things

Here are four other things which happened to me today that were really good:

  • I took my mom to dinner at Reposado, had some great food and a yummy glasss of peach-pineapple sangria.  Mom needed her California margarita mix.
  • I was reminded of how the simple things of our youth still make us happy in these middle years. My cousin who is coming to visit wants to ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and see the zoo.  Who doesn't love penguins
  • I had an unplanned nap – why are naps the most restful sleep you ever have? I think the nap was the result of the sangria.
  • I read about the Uniform Project. One dress, everyday for a year – check out this project to raise funds for education in India. If you wore a uniform everyday to school like I did, this one will make you remember. I donated a buck.  What can I say, the uniform made me slightly nostalgic.

Here is the dress - you can reverse it and wear it backwards too!

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