Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep Calm

I keep running into this saying, "keep calm and carry on." If you are thinking this looks and sounds typically British/English you would be right.  This is a remake/homage to a propaganda poster the Brit government commissioned in 1939 to reassure the citizens everything was being done to protect the country in the war against Germany. 

Things have been getting hairy lately at work and this turn of phrase keeps popping up.  Somebody sent a postcard of the above poster to my boss.  He stuck it up on the wall between our cubes.  Then tonight I was wasting a few minutes in Z Gallery, waiting for my movie date, and I saw this poster and then this candle:

There is a whole website dedicated to merchandise featuring this phrase:  http://www.keepcalmandcarryon.com/ .

I am a big believer in signs and message plus I am a sucker for all things British.  So, I will try to keep calm and carry on!

1 comment:

  1. This I really want... maybe in a tattoo format though. It's gotta be permanently etched in there.


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