Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Diary of my Arizona Long Weekend

I promised you guys some "coverage" of my long weekend in Arizona with my good friend S.  Well here is a short pictorial courtesy of my beloved iPhone.

On my way on the plane.


I thought the desert brush and landscape was very pretty.

It is amazing to me when you see "god-rays" breaking through the clouds. 
The ones in Arizona were spectacular.

I have decided that cacti are cool.  Here is one lonely guy and a set of twins.  These were just in a strip mall parking lot!

More regional plantlife - some type of agave I guess?

Some Food!

The most delicious ice cream ever - salty caramel!  Since ice cream is my favourite food I have to try it out wherever I go.  We went to an ice cream shop called Sweet Republic and it was decadently delicious.  Of course they have traditional flavours but some more intriguing ones like basil lime sorbet and something called the cheese course duo which I also happened to sample.  Deelish!

An funky breakfast we had at Whole Foods.  The scone and latte were mine.  S had veggie soup, veggie sushi rolls and green Odwalla Superfood juice.  Her reason for all the veggies? 
Too much Two Buck Chuck the night before!

S taking a pic of our breakfast.


Checking out the goodies at The Container Store for ideas on how to package the cookies I bake for my teammates at work.  (Yes, it's true - I bake occasionally.)

These are my favourite - festive takeout containers that start at 79 cents apiece.

This is the only polar bear you may see in Arizona.

This was a different type of container fetish!  And, no, I didn't!

Jimmy Choo - I heart you!

And finally the iPhone doesn't do so well at night - but you get the idea.  This is how they get ready for the Holidays in Arizona.  Santa is buried somewhere in the middle of all those palm trees and lights!

And those are some of the highlights of my trip!

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  1. I miss you already :-D I was SOOOOO happy you came and spent the Thanksgiving weekend with me in my new home. And we are so geeky with our iPhones lol!


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