Friday, September 4, 2009

Formerly Yucky - Now Loved

Foods I love that used to think were yucky:
  • Raw tuna – my favorite is the tuna tartar. I think the best execution of this is at Nobu in New York.
  • Red wine – I wasn’t really a red wine drinker before I moved to California. Then I was seduced by zinfandel and pinot noir.
  • Oysters – they look weird and freaky. I always think they are about to give birth to an alien but I love them to slurp them down.
  • Foie gras – soft hearted California has a ban on foie gras. Apparently, we feel bad for the geese. My first true flirtation with foie gras was in France but my favorite use was in foie gras poutine in Montreal.
  • Olives – especially yummy if stuffed with something zesty and fished out of a martini!

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