Friday, August 28, 2009

No, I Don't Want to be Your Friend

Dear friend – Facebook may be ruining it for us.

I believe that the imminent death of our relationship can be attributed to good old TMI. Too much information quickly turns friendliness into foolishness. Things like knowing your crush “really needs dental floss after having ribs for lunch” will quickly quash all crushworthy feelings.

Finding out your coworker is gay through face book is okay. Finding out your coworker joined the “Furball Bay Area Group for Plushies and Fuzzies” is too much information.

To the nice young lady who was the recruiting assistant when I got my current job. It was nice when you got me a cup of coffee while I was waiting to interview with my future boss. I enjoyed our hellos and hallway nods during the two years we worked in the same building. You have moved on and unfortunately, receiving your daily updates on why all men are dogs who only think with the “little head” – not so much fun for me.

Don’t get me wrong I 100% believe in being nice. I try to treat everyone with respect. The guy who takes my hard-earned five dollar toll when I cross the bridge gets a “thank you and have a nice day.” I know the lady who makes my coffee every morning by her first name. My neighbor and I share keys and official custody of her cat when she travels. I refuse to be labeled an antisocial curmudgeon.

But, I don’t need to hear the graphic details about junior’s stomach flu symptoms via a wall conversation between you and the nanny.

I recently was defriended by a former colleague. Our professional affiliation had ended so it seemed our Facebook friendship had to follow. I have to admit, my pride was slightly wounded but having one less “friend”? That may actually be a good thing.

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