Friday, August 7, 2009

A Cuppy Meets a Cuppy

Two of my favorite things have now joined in gastronomic bliss. I talked about Blue Bottle Coffee before – San Francisco’s cult favorite source of caffeination. (Yes, I just made that word up.) Now you can get Blue Bottle Coffee at Kara’s Cupcakes. What sweet-toothed adult doesn’t love a dark chocolate cuppy with a cuppy of the best coffee you can find in the bay? (Yes, I also just coined cuppy.)

MMMMMMM. Taste bud happiness! I love both these businesses and not just because of their yummy product offerings. Both are San Francisco based small businesses and I am a big believer in supporting local business whenever possible.

Kara’s has five locations in the bay area and they are devoted to using locally sourced ingredients – which we all know helps minimize the carbon footprint. They will also donate or subsidize fundraising efforts for great causes. Recently, I helped my girlfriend M come up with a mini marketing campaign for her recent breast cancer fundraiser. Kara’s provided her with deeply discounted cupcakes which they topped with tiny pink frosting ribbons. Maria was able to raise several hundreds of dollars by giving the cupcakes to donors as incentives.

You know I have praised Blue Bottle Coffee before. They use organically grown, single origin beans from artisanal producers who sustainably grow and harvest their crops. Again, for me local, + organic = good. They sell beans within 48 hours of roasting and the cafés are hip without being pretentious.

Try them out together. I guarantee you will love them. I can’t wait to introduce these two favorites to W when he gets here in October!

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