Saturday, August 8, 2009


A few years ago my girlfriend L gave me a limited edition book by Kate and Andy Spade called Contents. It’s a photo journal of handbag contents for a wide variety of intriguing women from all walks of life including magazine editors, musicians, housewives, photographers and more.

I love the book because it indulges my voyeuristic streak. I also happen to love handbags. It was the perfect gift for me. So being inspired, I decided to do a periodic contents feature on Calamity D.

First up is my Birkin – a gift from my good friend M after one of his many China trips!

Here are my contents:

Sigg water bottle
Four hair elastics
Three hair clips
Hair brush
Lipstick – Mac Sophisto
Lipgloss – Bobbi Brown Rose Sugar
Tinted lipbalm – Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry
Seven assorted pens – five chewed
One notebook for ideas
Seven sugarfree Halls throat lozenges
One sample size bottle Renu eyedrops my eye doctor gave me
Turquoise Lodis wallet with metallic daisy clasp
Various business cards
Microfiber cloth for my glasses
Movie ticket - Harry Potter
Checkbook – for my monthly rent check
Melody Gardot CD
Birthday card for P
Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Infant of Prague Charm – gift from Mom – supposed to bring financial stability, obviously not working – note Marc Jacobs above
Yellow plastic paper clip

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  1. Hey my bday card...and...I didn't know you had a Birkin! Where have I been?! P


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