Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me and JC – We are Simpatico

Every now and then I like to read my hometown daily so I can stay current with the goings on in my beloved land of rain, drizzle and fog. These days it’s The Telegram, but I still call it by its old name The Evening Telegram and it will always be the ET to me. I especially like to read interviews with people of note who are visiting Newfoundland. Now that I am an outsider of sorts – I have been away a long time – it’s always interesting to see how other outsiders view Canada’s tenth province. I especially like the interviews with touring musicians.

But alien views of Newfoundland are not the exact gist of this post. One of my most favorite songs is “Head Over Heels” by Blue Rodeo. I am kind of an average Blue Rodeo fan but the words of that song say something to me. I think when I was 21 they were saying “put down the beer can” but that is a different story.

Today, ET’s online version features an interview with Jim Cuddy, Blue Rodeo’s lead singer. Turns out his favorite song by a Newfoundland artist or band is “Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea. This is also MY favorite song by a Newfoundland artist!

Kind of a strange little coinquidink.

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