Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving Along

I am sitting here – the first three inches of my hair are soaked and I feel a full-fledged trickle of sweat running down my back between my shoulder blades.  Its twin is soaking itself into my ratty sports bra in front.  I am almost but not quite heaving for breath. 

Let me introduce you to my new baby - the Sole F63 treadmill.   It just kicked my ass in 30 minutes.

Now, I am chugging some yummy, cool water. 

I realized that I needed to cancel my gym membership, well mostly because I was not going, but also because I really don’t like being around people.  WAIT – don’t run – I don’t mean I don’t like you! I have spent 10 years being the spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies and I am tired of making inane small talk when I don’t feel like it.  I especially don’t like to make small talk when I am gasping for breath, sweating, or god help me – squatting!

So, I choose to exercise alone, with my new baby and in the semi darkness.  No annoying earphones for me.  I can play my own music as loud as I want.  It can be dark.  I can leave my shirt off if I want – no one’s there to be frightened by my mid-section’s fish belly pallor.

My heart is slowing down to a restful rate.

I call it Diane time and I have been a faithful practitioner since college.  I am a person who needs solitude and my own space. I might be selfish and it might be why I am single and don’t have children.  I lack the self-sacrificing gene bestowed upon my mother but I don’t think it’s so bad.  It could also be the reason for lots of other things in my life – successes in all kinds of areas.

Whew, I am cooling off now and those elusive endorphins are kicking in. Now, I feel good.  Wow – I might even want to be nice to someone!

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