Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Friday!

Hi Possums! I was having a “moment” and it turned into a four day stretch of Internet abstinence. I went to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA – also known as E3. I got to experience a little NBA final madness around game six but made it out of town before the madness of game seven. E3 was the opportunity I needed to really geek out with some cool game developers. Really – I geeked and it was grand.

This weekend I have a good friend’s wedding to get to and I plan on enjoying summertime. Is the living really “easy” in summertime? I don’t know but I know in the summertime my thoughts turn to my home up north.  And , here are some random thoughts I have had this week:

The best bagels in the world – yes I know it to be a bold statement but it is true – come from this joint

And wouldn’t a bagel sandwich be yummy with some of this stuff?

Icebergs are in my head for some reason and I saw this cool Newfoundland berg tracker linked off a Time Magazine blog

We all need to have emergency ballet flats like these

The wedding means it's mani pedi time tomorrow

Happy weekend possums!  

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