Friday, April 2, 2010


Here are some things that crossed my mind today:

Why do daisies – that grew wild in our front and backyard in Newfoundland – cost $5.00 a bunch at Whole Foods in Los Altos?

April is a month that will always be full of mixed emotion.

The Easter bunny’s ears always taste the best.  Especially this one – he supports Autism Speaks – a charity I have been interested in for the past two years because of my good friend Allen.

Women should wear dresses more often.  My dresses come out in April.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, wearing boots – like I did today – just makes me feel strong.  Wearing boots and a cute dress is badass.

Being strong, direct and even angry is okay.  Being mean is never okay. Being happy is best.

Getting mail, real physical mail with a stamp on it, that someone wrote by hand will always be nice.


  1. daisies - grow them in your backyard; dresses - women should wear them more often than jeans, men are attracted to the feminine; mail - nobody knows how to write anymore -- how sad, how about with a wax seal on it

  2. daisies - transportation costs

  3. Where are the dresses from? They are so cute!

  4. L-R: White/blue polka dot halter dress, Gianna’s closet. Polka dot tie back dress, Wet Seal; Dollbaby dress, Nanette Lepore


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