Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting Google

Hellooooo….. I know I have been absent in a big way but I feel like so much happened work wise this week.  A blog post might be quite short and snappy but it’s very hard to do when you are on the road!

Before I took off for San Diego I went to the Google headquarters to attend a talk about telemedicine  and technology, and in particular services offered by Google Health.  The talk was focused on the implementation of telemedicine for the treatment of Parkinson’s Diseases.

It was really inspiring to hear testimonials from some patients about how this program has helped them.  I am even more happy that some hardware provided from my company is assisting in this program.  Advances in telemedicine have allowed Doctors to drastically extend their reach, enabling patients in smaller towns to have access to specialists that they might otherwise not be able to see.

It was also interesting to be inside the Google HQ.  It’s true – it’s really different there!  Since I was there for work I didn’t want to go crazy snapping on the down low but I wanted to dig into the Lucky Charms!

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