Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snippets from San Diego

Hola!  Well, I was almost in Mexico – San Diego is about as close as you can get while staying in the United States.  I went to San Diego for a work conference.  I thought I would share a few snippets from what little free time I had there.

Flying in the south west literally means flying Southwest.  I like Southwest because the flights are almost always on time.  The biggest delay I have ever experienced was about 45 minutes.  Of course they don’t usually have to deal with crazy weather, ice and snow!

As you can see from this hastily snapped picture – the weather is perfect in San Diego. 

I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel – these guys greeted me every morning when I left my room for my meetings and every night before I went to sleep.

It’s not a great picture but I loved the little guitars embroidered in pink and black on the pillowslips.  The pink was obviously for me.

Party like a rock star!  These three big bottles of vodka were in addition to the fully stocked minibar.  I have never seen so much vodka and Redbull in a hotel minibar!

Music memorabilia sets the tone for the décor of Hard Rock hotels and restaurants.  I really liked this purse that Cher used to own.

I had approximately two free hours to explore.  Luckily we were in the Gaslamp district, which is full of cute shops and some nice restaurants.  I thought this building was very cute.

Okay, if a store is called Bubbles and they wrap your purchases like this – you know it has to be fabulous.  FYI - most of those purchases belonged to my colleague.

And guess what – Bubbles lived up to the promise of its name.  It was absolutely fabu!

As you can see most of my non working time was spent in my hotel.  That was sleep time but the Gaslamp district definitely gave me enough of a taste that I would like to go back to San Diego to explore more.

Have a great week!

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