Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs That You Might be a Shopaholic

Signs that you might be a shopaholic:
  • You have several items of clothing in your closet which still have price tags on them
  • Some of those items of clothing end up going to Goodwill - still with tags on them
  • You find pants in the back of your car that you bought four months ago but have not worn yet because they need to go to the tailor
  • You have one closet in your apartment dedicated to just shoes and purses - that is right people I said apartment
  • You have a regular guy who takes care of you in the shoe section of your favorite department store
  • You get regular handwritten notes from the lady who sells your skin care regime
Okay, I will be honest these might be confessions not warning signs.  It's a little embarassing!


1 comment:

  1. Diane,

    You actually inspired me to take the tags off a jacket today (& wear it). I bought the jacket about 3 years ago!!!.....D


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