Monday, March 15, 2010

No Sugar Today!

Here is what I like to do when I am trying to somehow change my life. I make really tiny changes. I choose something so small that I hope it will be something I can stick with forever.

For example, I spent over a year weaning myself off sugar in my coffee. Everyday I would put two packets of raw sugar in my morning brew. So I reduced that to 1.75 packets, then 1.5, then one and so on. It took me a full year to get down to no sugar but now I never want sugar in my coffee. Mission successful!

At my office we have two pastry chefs on staff in our café. That is right TWO! Everyday they make yummy little mousse cakes, tarts, bread puddings and more. You name a desert and they make it. They even make my beloved French macaroon. I realized that I was having one of these desserts every day and that gave me the incentive to make another small, manageable change.

Remember this happy guy? Well I am trying to banish him or at least limit him and his friends from making an appearance in my life. So, I challenged myself to see if I can go 21 days without eating dessert at work. Please note, I am not saying no to dessert forever. I still let myself have dessert outside of work time if it is something I would have normally done.

Here is my progress which I record daily on my cubicle whiteboard. Six work days – six days without dessert (DWD).  I will keep you posted on my progress.


  1. You go girl!! I joined a Weight Watchers at Work program. I'll let you know how that goes....5lbs so far...D


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