Monday, February 22, 2010

Step Number 31

I am reading this article, 50 Simple Steps to Human Happiness, from New York Magazine. Of course lots of the steps advise you to do steps that work well if you live in New York - like smile at people on the subway type stuff - but there are plenty that work for us outside the big apple.

I like #31:

“Collect visual memories of moments when you were incredibly happy, and close your eyes and picture them when you need a boost. The mind needs images to access feelings.” —Edwige Gilbert, Wellness And Stress-Management Coach

Here's my visual memory - actually more like a sensory one. I was visiting my parents when they first moved back to Quebec and it was hot and humid. We went to visit my favorite aunt and uncle and went for a late night swim in their pool. We were swimming in the dark, the water was cool and refreshing and I could hear the adults chattering in French as they floated around in the shallow end. I remember feeling a whole lot of love.

It was a really nice memory.

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  1. Your blog is an enjoyable read. You have good taste in products! Congrats on the new job, by the way (I'm just catching up). Gonna look up this article.

    Cheers! ~ Adria


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