Saturday, January 2, 2010

Inspiring Ideas

Sometimes you meet someone and you instantly know that you will like this person – a lot. Then you might see them in their natural environment and you feel a whole different level of connection. It’s strange when someone you barely know channels some of the same ideas that float around in your head. At the same time, it’s exciting. I had this experience recently and alas this person and I are separated by many miles. Luckily we are bound by a family tie :-P

Here are some of her ideas which I wish were my own!

A big apothecary jar, sitting on the bathroom floor housing bath salts.

Percussion instruments - artfully mixing the real thing with children’s toys.

Metal wall art she used to sweetly showoff my niece Juju’s homemade spice sachets.

A clip display you can change out seasonally or with treasured photographs – depending on your mood!

Organization, organization, organization – I wish I was this organized!

The tea menu posted in the kitchen – so when you offer your guests a tisane you always know what you have on hand! (This one I will really use.)

This tissue box makes me want to sneeze!

A whole vase of peacock feathers – my favorite. 
I didn't do a great job with the picture - but I cannot resist peacock feathers!

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