Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Christmas Goose and More

My dearios, can you believe in five days it will be Christmas?  Since I am practicing to be a magazine writer, I thought I would try my hand at creating a gift guide to provide a little inspiration for those last minute prezzies for some of the fabulous gals in your life.

This duck is supercute for your new niece plus he is organic so he must be good for you. Heck, any new baby and baby momma would adore this.

Nothing is better than Tiffany! This double sided charm is perfect for that great friend who has a naughty twinkle in her eye.

For your geek girlfriend – the one who catalogues all her tunes and can’t miss an episode of Project Runway - the Apple TV is perfect.

Do you know me? I think you do – and you know I love all things Bobbi Brown. This tiny goldstone eye palette is the perfect makeup refresher to tuck into your New Year’s Eve clutch.

Feeling nostalgic for your college roommate? Recapture your youth and hers with a Muppet lunchbox!

The sanitizing stocking stuffer for your favourite sister who is a germphobe.

Cashmere in a pretty jewel tone – only $59 at Macy’s. I got this for myself with the gift card my boss gave me. It’s perfect for any gal who needs to stay warm and stylish.  I'm practicing this pose for next year's holiday card!

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  1. Great ideas. Can't believe you'll be here in a few sleeps :)


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