Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day is for Books

It's boxing day here in Canada and we associate this with sales in most parts of the country.  However, most of the retail shops here in Newfoundland remain closed today.   There was one exception and that was Chapters!  Bookstores, department stores and shoestores - those are my three favorite forms of retail therapy!  So, of we went.  Sipping mint tea and browsing hardcovers at 30% off  was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon after indulging way too much on Christmas Day.

Because I am considering a vacation to Argentina in November with W, I was browsing the travel aisle and the old school illustration on the cover of this book caught my eye. 

And, of course anything related to music, fashion and the marriage of the two is of interest to me as well.  Remember how "grunge" was a look, a sound and a lifestyle? 

I did make a rather interesting purchase.  Once I finish reading it, I will post a short review and let you all know if my boxing day retail therapy yielded a hit or a miss!

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