Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Tale of EBAY!

Last year I spent the holiday season here alone. Alone, miserable, sad, pouting…..

Just kidding! I may have pouted a little but really it was just kind of low-key. (I actually love being alone sometimes but that is a different post.) This means that it’s been awhile since I got all really glammed up for a holiday event. Last year, during my low-key period, I tried on this Calvin Klein number at Nordstrom and really liked it. Price tag: $178.00. OUCH.

In a moment of weakness I bought it online at midnight on December 26th, 2008. Okay, maybe there was some miserable pouting happening and nothing soothes a pout like online, retail therapy! But alas, I had a closetful of dresses and I decided to listen to my post purchase dissonance and returned this lovely.

Flash forward to November 2009 and I am in full swing planning for holiday festivities, and in particular I need a frock for New Year’s Eve. Remembering this pretty, comfy and good looking number I decided to look for it online. At first I had no luck. Then I remembered EBAY! I was able to get my dress, new and never worn for $68.00! Hallelujah!

Bargain Hunter's Tip: I was able to find my dress on EBAY in about two seconds by using the exact description which was on the Nordstrom order from last year.

Now, I think I need some of this glittery lip gloss to go with it. Oh, maybe some new arms too.

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