Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soften Me Up Baby!

Winter is here and that means dry, chapped lips. Yes, even in California. Dry chapped lips mean lip balm and I am kind of an addict. I have it everywhere – bedside table, by the mirror before I go out the door, desk at work, car cupholder and about six flavors floating around in my purse. Now, you know I love to shop, but there are some things I just refuse to spend a lot of money on and lip balm is one of those things. I usually buy the generic, three fruit flavors package for $1.99. If I am feeling really frisky I might spring for a tube of Burts Bees but only if it’s on sale.

Besides lip balm I am addicted to Kiehl’s Creme De Corps Nurturing Body Wash Cream and the Creme De Corps lotion. I have pretty sensitive skin and this stuff is unscented and darn it, I just like it. Kiehl’s also has a program where you bring in your empties to their store for recycling. At three empties you get a lip balm, five a travel size item and ten you get a full size product. So, I brought in ten empties and imagine my delight that I got all three freebies! It's the little things make me happy.

The Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 retails for $6.50 and I probably would never spend that on balm – unless is came with a guarantee of toe curling kisses. But gee – my lips do feel pretty darn soft.

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