Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Sparkle

The holidays are coming! I am very excited this year because I will be going home to Newfoundland for Christmas and New Year’s. I will also be going to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with my good girlfriend S who recently moved away. The best thing for me about this holiday season will be seeing my family and close girlfriends. I feel like today I am kicking off the festivities by having lunch with my friend C and going to a holiday boutique at a friend’s house this afternoon. I am hoping to find some innovative gifts for some family members.

(Photo taken with my iPhone.)

Now, normally I avoid Pottery Barn like the plague because it’s so easy to spend way too much there! But yesterday I decided to go in and check out the holiday decorations. I knew I would not be too tempted since I wasn’t going to be here. I did fall for these adorable paper tags and luckily they were very inexpensive. I love any decorative item that has letters or words on it so these little cuties work for me!

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