Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shoe of the Month!

If you are reading this blog you know me well.  If you know me well you know that I work primarily to keep myself in shoes and handbags.  Okay I may work for a few other things - food, shelter, etc...

When I first moved to California I abandoned all my winter apparel pretty darn quick.  Now, I find that my feet start to get chilly in my sandals at the end of October.  So I went off to Nordies to get something with a closed toe and I found these red patent lovelies from Ecco.  Perfect for all the running around I do at the office.  

Is it really bad that I want this Tory Burch tote to go with them?


  1. Yesterday on Oprah her stylists said every girl should have red flats this fall. I love these!
    How much??

  2. $108.00 in the department store but i think you could get them cheaper online. They are soo comfy.


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