Monday, October 12, 2009

The Rebirth of My Apartment

I told you that my best guy friend (BGF) W was here. Well, after a little curiousity shop browsing, two trips to Ikea and my house has been revamped, renewed and redecorated! Here are a few photos of the redo. (These are not the greatest photos but you get the idea!)

You can see I have a bit of a hat fetish.

New light fixture from Ikea!

Birthday orchids from friends! Notice the depleted wine rank courtesy of the party.

A sassy little find from TJ Maxx! Those feathers once adorned my head.

Shelf Number 1. More birthday flowers.

Shelf number 2 with the copper star my dad made.

Shelf number 3 with some family photos.

This star used to be on a Texaco station! W insisted that one of us needed it. Because of baggage restrictions I won.

Here you get a better idea of how it fits in. Luxo Junior style lamp courtesy of Ikea.

Now you have seen my place!

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