Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have written so little this week it is crushing my heart. Between how crazy work has been, visitors, impending visitors, a new friend and trying to be back on a regular workout routine I have been left with lots of ideas in my head but little time to transfer them to my PC.

A new thing I tried this week was a Pilates reformer class. I LOVED it. I have done lots of Pilates classes on a mat but reformer classes have always been prohibitively expensive until I joined a new gym – the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center. And, before I bought the package of classes they let you take a sample class. It was fabu.

A Pilates reformer class is a small group class where the instructor guides you through a series of very controlled exercises can be specifically tailored to the individual’s level of ability. You work on a reformer, a slightly scaring looking apparatus that allows for full range of motion with increasing levels of difficulty. It’s supposed to help you to attain a higher level of balance in your exercise program as you strengthen and stretch your entire body, ultimately helping you develop greater strength, improved balance, ease of motion, and bone density.

I definitely worked up a sweat during the class and the next day was sore. Always a sign that the workout worked!

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