Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tomorrow is going to be my most exciting technology day ever. YES, ever! And that is saying something considering I have had access to some pretty cool tech over the years. I am getting my iPhone! My first iPhone! Woohoo! I could have gotten one before but I believe in adopting technology at the second or third generation. I figure by then the developer has the bugs worked out.

As you can read I am very excited. I am getting a 3Gs of course. It takes a lot in terms of gadgets to get me really excited. I think the only time I might have been this giddy about a purchase was when I bought my first brand new car. Here are a few reasons why I am inspired to use so many exclamation points:
  • The Apps Store – need I say more?
  • It does everything. Photos, videos, Wi-Fi, it can stream content from my home network and more.
  • It’s damn pretty and we all know I like pretty.
  • Touchscreen!
  • It seems like every second single guy I meet in the bay area is developing iPhone applications as a sideline, so I figure this will help my social life.
  • Two of my favorite things in one – my phone and my iPod.
  • Did I mention it is pretty?

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