Monday, July 27, 2009

Inside all of us is a Wild Thing

There is definitely a wild thing inside of me. I credit my wild, imaginative side to all the reading I started at a young age.

Tonight I was at the movies and I saw previews for two of my favorites – Where the Wild Things Are and Sherlock Holmes. I remember after reading about Max’s adventures I would look for other books that had won the Caldecott prize. I had no idea what that was but I knew it meant something good. And Sherlock Holmes? He provided me with intrigue, escape and mental challenge.
I think my true literary love affair started with Nancy Drew. I read all of her adventures when I was a kid. I remember taking every single volume out of our school library and Mom bringing me paperback versions when I was having my tonsils removed. At the tender age of 11 all I really wanted was to have Nancy’s blue convertible sports car and strawberry blonde hair

Of course my tastes changed and became more refined. Maybe they got a little wilder too J.

Let the wild rumpus start!

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