Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Earplugs are Optional

I’m a girl. That pretty much means any guy who plays guitar peaks my interest. :-P

So you can imagine how excited I am about “It Might Get Loud” a movie about the personal stories of The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes). In the first few seconds of the trailer you see Jack outdoors with a stack of amplifiers and he is jury-rigging a guitar together out of a coke bottle, wires and what looks like an old fence post. The sound kicks ass and Jack’s a weird magnet – sucking you like a thumbtack into the screeching noise.

For me, one of the coolest things about this documentary is that we have these three guys from three different generations bound together by something as crude as White’s backyard creation or as over the top as Page’s double necked version. And, I have to say I love all three.

My love for all things rock and roll started courtesy of listening to my older siblings crank up the Zeppelin and other iconic bands. That is probably pretty typical. Also typical, like most of my current generation I regard U2 as my favorite band not just because of great songs but because I believe they are one of the few outliers in our shallow, celebrity laden society who really are trying to influence some greater change. And finally, I like Jack White, for all his eccentricity, he’s a guy I would like to play twenty questions with.

I’ll be first in line when “It Might Get Loud” hits the theatre.

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