Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treats to Make Sweets

I have an affinity for things formed out of metal. I have this copper star my dad made for his mother when he was a student. It was his Christmas gift to her – I think he was 19 or 20. I can’t imagine how much patience and work it took to bend the metal to make such a pretty star but my dad did it. Since my mom gave it to me that star has always been on display in my home. He made some other sweet things including a copper box that my nephew uses to store special treasures.

I guess it’s sentiment that makes me take a second look when I see something shaped out of bent metal. And lately, since I am taking such an interest in baking these sweet little cookie cutters from Etsy made me smile.   The flag would have been perfect for a holiday like July 4th or Canada Day.

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