Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating Life

My good friend is having a party tomorrow. I always like to look at his Facebook pictures of his celebrations because:

  •  R is a super photographer and the images are always full of happiness.
  • My friend is a cancer survivor so I feel like every shot of his family represents a moment in time that he sees as a gift.  It's always good to share a gift.

R’s party tomorrow is to celebrate 20000 days of life.  On October 31st I will have been alive for 15000 days. It’s scary and not just because it happens to coincide with Halloween!
If you want to figure out your special days go to this section of the time and date website.

  FYI I am so having a party on my celebration of 15000 days!  I think it's always good to celebrate life and will seize any opportunity to do so.
Cheers mes amis!


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