Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flap on Creatively!

I live in suburbia and everything outdoors seems manicured within an inch of its life. Seriously – when people pay more in “home owners’ associations” fees than I paid in rent for my first apartment you know that there is some serious gardening maintenance going on.

The orderliness of suburbia has its perks for sure, but, in general we don’t go outside the box and we certainly don’t funk it up with some wild and crazy color scheme. Thus, there are certain types of creativity we miss out on. Like one of my favorites - street art. I felt like every time I turned a corner in Montreal I would see some kind of creative image or mural. And I love the ones I found on Unurth! Take a look for yourself!

The image above reminded me of my sister – I think she might be the only person I know who hangs her laundry outside. Surely the home owners associations of suburban California would not be thrilled to see anyone's unmentionables flapping in the breeze but I say flap on! 

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