Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Hag and Proud to Admit It

Do you ever have that feeling where you feel like you are playing a role in a movie or TV show? 

Picture it, two single females on the wrong side of 30 and three gay men.  Or, as my friend B put it, three fags with their hags.  We go to a trendy Brazilian restaurant in a sketchy part of San Francisco.  Remember, the sketchier the neighborhood the hipper the restaurant.  We order about twenty “small” plates of tapas and pitchers of capirhinas.

Post meal we head to a piano bar called Martunies.  The fags and one hag drank cherry blossom martinis made with cherry rum and champagne – this hag was drinking a diet coke and had to drive.

Gay men were fighting for the microphone to sing Tina Turner and George Michael covers.  The tranny next to me tickled my back accidentally when she/he was taking off his coat and my friends were singing along, belting out the tunes.  Okay, I confess, I was doing a little belting too.

I felt like I had been warped into an episode of “Will & Grace” – minus the fabulous designer wardrobe and the New York backdrop.  All in all a fun time!

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