Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey Macaron

I am eschewing the cupcake phenomenon. Okay, I like a good cupcake as much as the next gal but, if I am going to go crazy for a sweet it will always be a French macaroon. Like the ones at Miette in the San Francisco ferry terminal or at Pamplemouse in Redwood City.

Why am I crazy for the French macaroon? Lots of reasons:

  • It’s much lighter than a cupcake.
  • French – like me – need I say more?
  • Usually cheaper.
  • It’s the original macaroon!
  • Not sugary sweet.
In North America we think of the coconut macaroon as the original but like many things to gastronomical goodness it was the French. This is a picture from pastry shop in Paris. My absolute favourite flavour is pistachio. So good!

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