Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Step on My Native Side

Dear Janet Gretzky – nee Jones – I may have changed my mind about you and started to like you just a little bit.

When the news started many years ago about our Wayne dating a Hollywood starlet I turned my nose up. My thoughts were - yet another superstar athlete taken in by a pretty face. All looks, no substance.

When, you posed for Playboy, I thought it was a pretty tacky thing to do.

When you and The Great One had that over the top wedding in Edmonton? Well that was too much for me. Plus, I really did not care for your dress.

To be honest, I never gave you much thought other than that you were another pretty Hollywood starlet who found her payday. Since your payday was one of our biggest national treasures I may have taken a bit more notice than usual but you have barely crossed my mind in 20 years.

But here is where I changed my mind. Yesterday I watched the Canadian women’s hockey team take their third gold medal at the Olympics. During the medal ceremony the cameras swept through the arena, capturing the enthusiastic singing of athletes, fans, officials, Prime Minister Harper, Wayne and  most surprisingly you.

I was impressed. You were standing there singing our national anthem and not one that you were born to. You might be okay after all.

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