Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Short Lived Relationship

It started in the lounge. Stevie Wonder walked off the plane at our gate as we were waiting. I gasped in surprise and you looked up. You smiled at me as I was fumbling in my purse for my iPhone – unsuccessfully trying to snag a shot.

Then as we lined up to board, you stood just ahead of me. I smiled when I heard you humming, “looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy.” You blushed when you saw me smile. Then we sat next to each other and you helped me put my bag in the overhead and I offered you gum. We both pulled out our iPhones and my heart melted a little as I watched you look at pictures of a puppy.

Then we napped, each of us respectfully staying on the respective sides of our shared armrest. We woke up and the plane started to make its descent. Like many relationships, work came between us – as the plane taxied to the gate we each pulled out a blackberry and started to check email. The magic was gone.

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