Saturday, January 16, 2010

Business Lunch

I am over having to travel for work. If you don’t travel for work you think it would be exciting but it gets old pretty quick. In any case I had to travel to San Diego for a meeting. There and back in one day – yawn…

The one good thing about business travel is that occasionally you get to eat some tasty food. Today our meeting was at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad a resort community outside of San Diego. We had lunch at California Bistro. It was a buffet and if you have ever been to a Four Seasons you know the food was deelish! I had to take a snap of my selection of desserts – a  piece of chocolate mousse cake, a French macaroon and a tiny but yummy pistachio crème brule. It looked so tempting that I had to snap a pic. Trust me the taste did not disappoint. If you have not tried a French macaroon I highly recommend it - it's my favourite cookie!

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