Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ability to Accessorize is What Separates Man from the Animals

I have always loved that quote from Steel Magnolias.  Personally, I never have a problem when it comes to accessorizing with shoes, purses and scarves but jewelry poses a challenge to me. I always admire it when I see someone sporting a great necklace or bracelet, especially with a heavily patterned outfit. Check out this funky onyx and silver necklace my good friend D wore for our girls’ night out. I love this particular accessory with the teal argyle.

My jewelry statements are more murmurs than out right proclamations.  My silver hoop earrings are classic but they don't exactly call out, "hey look over here, I have a great rack!"

My style resolution for 2010 is to accessorize more. I will try to not be afraid of chunky necklaces, funky earrings and bold bracelets. I will court the “statement piece” and I will leave my signature silver hoops home.

Check back January 1, 2011 to see how I have done!

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